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Help Center and
TravelCash support

Help Center and
TravelCash support

How to activate the card?

The card is available to users with over R$150 balance and can be requested through our chat support, here on the website.

What can I pay for with TravelCash credits?

You can use your TravelCash Travel Credits to pay for bookings at over 600,000 hotels worldwide, general tickets, and soon many other travel options. Always using your login and password, via the www.travelcash.me website and using our concierge service, partner sites, or your TravelCard.

How to change or cancel a hotel reservation?

Your reservations can be changed or canceled directly through our customer service channels. However, please verify whether your reservation is refundable or if there are any potential penalties. In this case, our customer service team can provide you with information about the amounts of fines that are charged directly by the hotel.

Can I withdraw my credits in cash?

No. Your TravelCash travel credits are exclusive for use on TravelCash travel services or partner websites.

I can't access my account, how do I do it?

You can recover your password at login time, but if you encounter any other difficulty, you can request assistance via chat here on the site.

I used to receive vacation pay from the company I used to work for, but I don't work there anymore. What happens now?

In this case, if your Wallet at TravelCash is created with a corporate email, the first thing to do is access your account and change your email. Regardless of leaving the company, your wallet remains active and in your name. This way you can continue to accumulate and use your Credits normally.

I didn't receive the account verification code, what should I do?

If you haven't received the code by email, check the spam box or request verification by SMS. If you don't have a registered phone or the problem persists, request assistance via the chat here on the site.

Do you have any benefits for concierge bookings?

Yes, at the concierge you get 10% cashback on hotels and have access to discount coupons and the best rates.

Still have any doubt?

Our customer service is available for questions about your account, use of your credits, and any other information you may need.

Call customer service in the chat!

Call customer service in the chat!

Call customer service in the chat!

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is TravelCash?

2. What is the advantage of having the TravelCash Travel Wallet?

3. How to earn Cashback in the TravelCash Travel Wallet?

4. What can I pay with my TravelCash Wallet Credits?

5. Can I pay for services like airfare, bus tickets, and car rentals with my Credits?

6. How to make a hotel reservation through TravelCash?

7. Do my credits expire?

8. Can I transfer my Credits to my bank account?

9. How does dollar hedging work?

10. Can I donate my Credits?

11. Can I transfer my Credits to loyalty programs or airline miles?

12. Which physical partners offer TravelCash Wallet Credits?

13. How to change or cancel a hotel reservation made through Travelcash.me?

14. I would like to make a hotel reservation, but the property is not available in the portfolio offered by TravelCash.me, what to do?

15. I would like to have TravelCash as a "Vacation Voucher" benefit for the employees at the company I work for, how do I do it?

16. I have an activated TravelCash Travel Wallet account through the benefits at the company where I work, but I am unable to access or view my balance, what should I do?

17. I received credits in my TravelCash wallet through the benefit at the company I used to work for, but I no longer work there, what should I do?

18. I have a hotel / inn and would like to offer TravelCash's Cashback to my guests, how do I do that?

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Don't have an account yet?